Italia Getaway

We started the trip in Barcelona and we loved it! Mostly because of the unique style. It is contemporary and modern.

Between the the moderness they have old world cathedrals. Like crazy old. The best place is to see Las Ramblas, which is in downtown Barcelona and what is so cool is everybody sits outside in neat chairs and eat tapas. There are great little kiosks in the middle of the square with fresh flowers and food and it is such a fun place to shop. So many people are out everywhere. Great energy and old world charm and such loving people.

You just stand there in front of something so old and massibe, the symbolism and story is incredible.

From Barcelona to Naples. To the pizza!! Sorento, which is where they make all of the olive oil and known for having the freshest lemons in the world. They make a special drink that is alchoholic made with these lemons called Limoncello, and it is to die for. (recipe see below) What I remember most is that it is off the Amalfi Coast with these little villages and bold, breathtaking scenery. It is peaceful and serene and have a ton of bed and breakfasts. If you just want to escape and be comfortable…go to Italy. Also the soil is so rich in minerals everything grows beautifully and tastes better!

Rome! You have got to see the Vatican and colliesuem. The vatican was everything they say it is. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is amazing. When you go into the room you are not allowed to talk. All of the paintings are beautiful and beyond breathtaking. The church itslef will blow your mind. Even though we aren’t Catholic we both knew we were somewher special. It doesn’t matter what religion you are… you feel the presence. You just stand there in front of something so old and massibe, the symbolism and story is incredible.

The coliseum is incredible. I mean you see it and think “it is still standing!” Hard to get In because everybody wants to go but worth it. You are there and reminded about how young the united states is. Perspective.

FAVORITE Florence – true tuscany side of Italy. The countryside was beautiful. Big olive trees and rolling hills and it is a true dream. It looks like the pictures. High end shopping too! Their shopping is bar none. Antiques, collectables, leather, high fasion, gold, silver, art, the food and wine… omg just go and thank me later!