5 Ways To Add Touches Of Glam In Your Home

Adding little pops of glam is an easy way to spice up your room decor! However, it is easy to overdo it and add too much sparkle. Let me show you 5 different classy ways to add glamorous touches.

1. One way to add glam is through your curtain rods. Pick a bright pop of color like gold or pick a rod with a fun knob on the end. Crystal is super popular right now! The crystal knobs easily elevate your room and blend with any wall color. 
2. Funky bookends are SO popular right now. Pretty much any and every decor store has a mix of fun bookends right now. One look that is popular is gold animals like jaguars, alligators, monkeys, etc. These are an easy way to make your space more unique.
3. Mercury glass vases, mercury glass candle sticks, mercury glass bowls – These are all great ways to easily add in some glam. If you are opting for a more neutral room, definitely try some mercury glass!
4. Try gold or crystal lamps! Gold is more popular than ever and such an easy way to add some glam. Try a fun lamp on your nightstand, on your credenza in your entryway, or on your desk!
5. We love starburst mirrors! Add a starburst mirror on an empty wall above a credenza or above your bed for a fun touch! Gold or silver. Both are great and very popular right now.

There is a classy way to add in gold, silver, and metallic touches to elevate your home so you do not overdo it. You do not want too many glam pieces in your space because it will feel too busy! Try adding in neutrals like white and taupe along with wood pieces. This will quickly tone things down and even out the space.

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