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American House Styles You Should Know

Do you want to know some of the most iconic American house styles? From traditional Colonial and Federal to Mid-Century Modern and Craftsman, these distinctive designs embrace the values, culture and geography of each era. Whether it’s a house that exudes elegance in a colonial setting or one with simplicity amongst farmland, each has it’s own unique character. Each style came about due to design elements that emerged over time through regional tastes as well as advancements in technology which enabled those styles. Here we will explore popular house styles throughout America so you can get inspired by our nation’s architectural landscape!

Colonial - features a symmetrical exterior with evenly-spaced windows, two stories, and an ornate front door

Colonial architecture is a sight to behold with its meticulous attention to detail and defining features. One of the most recognizable aspects of colonial homes is their symmetrical exterior, something that is hard to miss. The evenly-spaced windows that line both levels of the house create a sense of harmony and balance that is truly impressive. Furthermore, the ornate front door serves as the centerpiece of the home and leads to a glorious and grand interior that reflects the values of the time period. Whether you appreciate it for its aesthetic value or its historical significance, there’s no denying the charm and allure of colonial architecture.

Craftsman - characterized by low-pitched roofs, large porches, and decorative woodwork details

American House Styles - Craftsman - Dallas Interior Design

The Craftsman style is a beautiful and distinctive architectural design that is characterized by a number of features. In particular, Craftsman homes are known for their low-pitched roofs, which give them a cozy and inviting look. Additionally, these homes often feature large porches that are perfect for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. Finally, Craftsman homes are known for their beautiful and intricate woodwork details, which often include decorative beams, brackets, and other elements that add depth and texture to the design. Whether you’re a fan of classic architecture or you’re looking for a new home with plenty of character, a Craftsman-style home is sure to impress!

Victorian House – intricate designs with elaborate trim and accents such as turrets or spires

American House Styles Victorian Home - Dallas Interior Design

The Victorian era was known for its grandiose and ornate architecture, with exquisite attention to detail in its design. Victorian homes boasted intricate patterns and elaborate trim, giving way to a sense of luxury and opulence. Perhaps the most prominent of its features were the turrets and spires that punctuated the skyline, adding to the impressiveness of these grand structures. Each element was strategically placed to create a harmonious whole that exuded elegance and sophistication. The Victorian era remains an enduring symbol of beauty and refinement, owed in no small part to the intricate designs and exquisite details that were characteristic of its architecture.

Tudor – consists of half-timbered walls, steeply pitched roofs, dormers, and leaded glass windows

American House Styles - Tudor Style - Dallas Interior Design

Imagine walking down a quaint English street, lined with charming half-timbered homes. You can’t help but marvel at the steeply pitched roofs, adorned with dormers, that give each house such a unique character. As you approach one of these Tudor-style homes, you notice the exquisite leaded glass windows that complement the intricate woodwork. These features are all hallmarks of the Tudor architectural style, which has been beloved across the UK and beyond for hundreds of years. Whether you’re an architecture buff or simply appreciate the beauty of historic landmarks, the Tudor style is sure to capture your imagination.

Mediterranean – has a stucco finish with clay tile roofing, arched doorways and windows, as well as wrought iron railings

Imagine standing in front of a stunning Mediterranean-style home. The stucco finish catches your eye with its warm terracotta color. As you approach the arched doorway, you can’t help but notice the intricate wrought iron railing lining the steps leading to the entrance. The clay tile roofing is a classic touch, adding to the rustic charm of the home. Looking up, you see more arched windows that beautifully frame the scene. This style of home is a perfect reflection of Mediterranean architecture, with elements that capture the warmth and spirit of the region.


American House styles encompass a range of architectures, each with its own aesthetic and unique look. From the timeless Colonial style that marks the birth of the nation to Mediterranean designs with fresh Spanish influences to contemporary dwellings that champion modern minimalism, no matter what your preference is, there is an architectural house style to fit it. Recognizing and understanding traditional American house styles allows you to find one you are passionate about and gives you the opportunity to bring some classic elegance or bold contemporary styles into your own home. Whether you are looking for a particular aesthetic quality or simply want to be informed about popular design schemes, these diverse house styles provide insight into the rich history of American architecture.

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