Hello World, Meet Monica Wilcox!

Get ready…..you are about to get a window into my world. You might want to sit down for this – which is why we call this little space Settee with Me.


I’m Monica Wilcox, and I’m the owner and principal designer of M. Wilcox Design. And my mission is to show that great design is achievable, affordable, and accessible. Yes! It’s do-able! I have had so many requests from clients, friends, colleagues, and people in the business world who want to know more. Well, here it is – welcome to my little well-designed, thoughtful space! Come and sit with me. I am so happy to be able to share what I’m doing and where I’m going.

Now, sit back, because this is where we need to start….

Many people assume that great design is only for people on reality shows, corporate CEOs or lottery winners. But no. The truth is that design is truly a mindset, not a lamp, or a carpet, or any thing. You know when you walk into a well-designed room and you just feel great? It’s the energy that is conveyed through the space that you are picking up on.

Design doesn’t start or stop with interiors. In general, great energy is from good design. In addition to being a designer, I’m also a wife, a mother, a veteran, a daughter, an entrepreneur, and one heck of a hostess. In all these difference facets of my life, I have learned to apply those same principles of good design to create a great life that is well-lived. What I have found is that when you bring passion for design to your world, the energy you create around you can truly change lives.

So let’s change lives – starting with yours!

Settee with Me is for anyone passionate about design in general. Together, we will explore decorating and design, entertaining, travel and lifestyle, and we’ll throw in a healthy dose of inspiration, too. Because design starts with inspiration, I hope you will check back often to find your own little nugget of #inspo. So whether you want to know about the latest trends in colors, tips for throwing the best parties, ways to energize your career, or maybe you just want to escape into my Monica world for a minute, I hope you will Settee with Me.

What do you want to know more about? Hit me up!

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